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  • Gaball Screen, PS1

Ett udda äventyrsspel där du ska hitta CD-skivor med hjälp av en flygande sko i olika musikvärldar.
Spelet har japansk text och skivan är i bra skick.

"Tetsuya Komuro is one of the most successful pop music producers of the ’90s, and is often credited for shaping post-2000 J-pop. He’s even collaborated with western artists like Jean-Michel Jarre. I
t also happens that he decided to produce a video game, developed by an obscure studio called System Sacom that disappeared two years later. It was published by a Sony-owned record label called Antinos Records,which had only published pop idols singles on the system so far. Even though the game is definitely a low-cost production, it’s kind of fun to roam around in. Its universes are all diverse, colorful, sweet and rather crazy. You are going through a world where shoes can come to life, fly in the air and score three-pointers after all. The result, with its downgraded yet charmingly weird appearance, looks like a mix between WarioWare and LSD Dream Emulator."  / hardcoregaming101.net

Japanska PS1 spel kan endast spelas på japanska eller regionsfria PS1 / PS2 konsoler.

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Gaball Screen, PS1

Skapad: 2020-12-27

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