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Shop Updates

  • september 26th: Our SALE continues this week with Sega Saturn games.
  • september 21st: A lot of Super Famicom games have been restocked.
  • september 20th: Playstation SALE on all PS1 games that have been online for more than 6 months.
  • september 13th: More power adapters have arrived.
  • august 11th: We reccomend retrogamingcables for those of you looking for cable with a lower buzzing sound. Here is their MD1 Scart cable and here is their NTSC SNES RGB cable. Shop through our links to give us credit.
  • july 28th: region-free SFC consoles are delayed due to broken consoles at delivery. compontent exchange will cause our prices to rise but we give more than 1 year guarantee. 
  • may 14th - to get the best picture with modded n64 you will need our c-sync kabel. if the console doesnt support c-sync it will still give a better image because our cable removes the X-pattern.
  • apr 27th - you can now browse products in stock only. Just check the box "Hide Sold" in listing.

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Shipping Info
If you order from inside the EU, you don't have to pay any customs fee.  Smaller packages are shipped by regular post. Bigger packages (1kg+) are shipped with DHL, to which your phone number needs to be added.  We ship most items within 1-2 days, and shipping time is usually around 2-3 working days. International shipping costs will depend on country and package weight.

Estimation of shipping costs Nordic Countries in SEK. (Cost is incl VAT. Norway is 20% cheaper because no VAT )
10-80g: 20 SEK  81-201g: 39 SEK  202-415g: 59 SEK  416-850g:100SEK 851-1800g:200 SEK , 1801-2750g:315 SEK ,2751-3750g:406 SEK, etc.

These are our shipping rates to the rest of Europe: 
<81g:35SEK,<201g:48SEK, <415g:70SEK, <550g:80SEK, <650g:90SEK, <750g:100SEK, <850g:120SEK, <1000g:140SEK, <1200g:160SEK, <1400g:180SEK, <1600g:200SEK, <1800g:230SEK, <2750g:300SEK, <3750g:350SEK, <4750g:400SEK, <6750g:480SEK, <9750g:550SEK,  9751g+: 1000SEK. 25% VAT is added for EU countries. 

You can add items to your cart and click "estimate shipping". That will show the total amount for the order.

We accept payment through Paypal, or IBAN/BIC bank transfer.
If you are outside of Sweden, you can pay in Euro or other currencies.
This can be selected at the top right.​

General Information
We opened this webshop in 2013. We sell japanese games and consoles, but can also offer many interesting custom made items, such as:

  • repro games
  • translated game carts
  • region free games & consoles
  • modified consoles & cables

We do our best to continously improve and add new items every week. 
If you find an item at our Tradera Shop that you'd like to buy, we can
add it to this shop. 
It is also possible to pre-order items that we modify
n demand, or items currently out of stock. Please make a request.

Feel free to contact us for any questions you might have. You can read more about us on our English information page at:
Visit our english blog at for more info about various products,
or follow us at FacebookTwitter and Instagram.



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